5-minute troubleshooting – “Remote IP-camera”

Several weeks ago we were given a camera from one of our clients who said – “could you please check if it works correctly, something is not right”.

When we asked them about camera’s IP address, we got “I don’t know”. Well, it’s not the first time we hear that.

Fortunately, manufacturer has implemented MDNS-based camera discovery feature in own VMS (video management system). It worked and after performing discovery process we found IP address of the camera is (By the way this was factory IP address for the cam, so it wasn’t changed by client).

So far so good, we tried to access the camera, but suddenly got “wrong password” response. For sure that meant the customer had changed default password. So we asked him for the actual one but got – you guessed it – “I don’t know, some other engineers have set it”.

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